Solutions For Your PDR Business


Paintless Dent Repair Estimatics

A Simple, Point-and-Click estimating matrix for paintless dent repair technicians.


PDR-Software Community Version- The Community Version is the FREE edition of our estimating platform. Estimators can write up to 100 estimates per month with access to most of the program features.


PDR-Software Pro-Version- The Pro-Version is the all-inclusive edition of our estimating platform that has flexible monthly and seasonal pricing, including a buy 6 months get 6 months free plan. Estimators can write unlimited estimates with access to all program features. Read more


Paintless Dent Repair Hail Manager


Providing Seamless Connections to Hail Manager companies and PDR Technicians in the Field.


PDR Hail Manager offers hail management companies the ability to CONNECT with PDR technicians they assign work to, and remain connected with them throughout the year without any extra charge.  Our program provides the ability to ASSIGN work to technicians and TRACK their progress on jobs as they work on them. Read more


An online network that connects PDR technicians to Hail Management companies.


Hail-Book allows a user to create a business profile that can be viewed by Hail Management companies.  This profile provides specific information of the PDR tech, including areas the tech is willing to travel to for storm coverage, and other skills and background information. Both parties can send a “Partnership” request enabling the Hail Management Company to connect the user to its network of Technicians for future assignments at cat locations.The connection enables techs to have electronic access to claims assignments, rate profiles and track commissions associated at that specific cat location. Live connections requires the Tech user to upgrade to the pro version, but not until they have received an assignment.


About Us

PDR-Software developed PDR-Estimating Software & PDR-Hail Manager with Community Data Group, LLC (CDG) and is distributed by Web-Est, LLC. PDR-Estimating Software was developed with a large user group of Mobile-Techs who specialize in Paintless Dent Removal. Web-Est is a leader in online Collision Estimating Software and has a customer base of 1,000’s of users across the United States. The company’s software users write tens of thousands of estimates monthly. Web-Est is based in Oldsmar, Florida. To learn more visit Community Data Group (CDG) is an organization that develops technologies and Product’s which create Business Intelligence data for the Product’s users. CDG are developers, investors and strategic advisors to all their projects. The company is based in Tampa, Florida. To learn more visit