PDR-Estimating Software

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions for Paintless Dent Repair technicians by providing tools to make their business more efficient.  Our PDR-Estimating Software has multiple features for PDR techs that will make their business run more smoothly.

Estimators can choose between one of two options:


PDR-Software Community Version

Our PDR-Software Community version is the free version of the PDR-Software platform.  The features available for this program include 100 estimates per month, access to PDR rate matrices and Hail-Book.  Part pricing and R&I times are not available in this version.


PDR-Software Pro-Version

The Pro-Version is the all-inclusive edition of our estimating platform that has flexible monthly and seasonal pricing, including a buy 6 months get 6 months free plan. Estimators can write unlimited estimates with access to all program features.


Here is a list of some of the other features included in the PDR Software platform:  

Community Data

PDR-Software is the only product on the market to give you industry data built into the software. Community data gives you the reference of what the market is really charging and how long R&I actually takes in the field.

Set up your rates once

PDR-Software allows you to set up as many rate profiles as you need; doing work for an Insurance company with special rates, need retail rates or special rates for a local body shop? PDR-Software can handle them all as well as tax rates where needed.

Ability to set up Preset R&I times

Save your R&I rates and create them as actual rate once, don’t rely on what a crash book tells you…you know these rates are not always actual times it takes in the field. Build your own data and benefit from the data of what other PDR experts in the field say with the community data reference.  Grow it faster using the Community Data feature!  Available in the PDR-Software Pro-Version only.

Over-sized Dents

When traditional sizes don’t work, go up to 5 inches in Diameter and select the appropriate depth to ensure you are charging the correct amounts every time.


Automatically increase your fee by multiplying an increase in percentage based on special situations. Sharp Dents, Hard Access, Aluminum and so on. You continue to build & save those Special Situations for future uses. 

Point and click Estimating

Quick, easy and accurate every time. Perfect for the iPad or any other mobile devices!

Print professional Estimates

Professional estimates clear line items, include R&I line items, your logo and email finished estimates with a few clicks!

DataOne Software Integration

DataOne Software is an automotive data source providing data to solution and service providers in North America across many sectors including automotive marketing, transportation, and risk management.