What is Community Data?

Community Data is the concept of aggregating (collecting) all of the pricing currently being charged by others performing similar work. It creates a real-world user-driven database; Professional technicians set the pricing verses a third party.

How does it work?

PDR-Software’s patent pending design works like a clearing house of pricing, all behind the scenes. Each user puts their rates in their user profile like any other estimating software. However, because of the online design and cutting edge technology, PDR-Software allows the user to see the average being charged by all other users in the system for similar work, while keeping the individual users identity secure & confidential. You chose if you should the Community Rate or if it should be different for your market & services.

Why is Community Data Important to you?

Have you ever been asked to charge less because your prices are too high? Maybe it’s time to change your prices but you’re not sure if you should and don’t know how to find out? The Paintless Dent Removal industry is maturing now more than ever, with most young industries comes change and more work, including the increase of what a job should cost you, PDR is no different…with PDR-Software your business always knows what’s the current market pricing. PDR-Software offers a great way to stay competitive!