PDR-Software Expands Vehicle Database

PDR-Software is proud to announce that we have expanded our vehicle database for the year, make, model and trim level, taking the total database to over 20,000 individual vehicles.  This database now offers coverage for most popular production vehicles worldwide.  These vehicles are being individually reviewed by our staff of editors, with detailed vehicle information being released on a daily basis.


New data fields added include:  Mileage, License Plate, Vehicle Series (trim level), and the ability to generate the estimate with or without attached images.  There are also new estimate entry fields for “Complete Vehicle” (to allow flat rate repairs), and “Manual Entry” (to allow coverage on non-standard & non-OEM items).


PDR-Software allows you to quickly complete your estimates using either the Dent Matrix or Manual Entry format.  Completely customizable Dent Rate Profiles, Multipliers, R&I Preset Charges, and Panel Sort (both print & estimating order) are just a few of the unique features that will allow you to quickly and accurately write your estimate, with confidence that you have not left any “Cash on the Table.”  Visit PDR-Software to request a 14-day Free Trial today.