Introducing PDR-Hail Manager


PDR-Software is excited to announce the release of a brand new product that will help Hail Management companies better manage the PDR technicians they have in the field.  We are pleased to introduce¸ PDR-Hail Manager, an all-inclusive hail management system that allows hail management companies the ability to connect with and manage repair technicians that are in their network.  Hail management companies can use PDR-Hail Manager to manage PDR techs by creating and assigning service locations, setting service location specific rate profiles, schedule both estimates and repairs and manage commissions to both the tech & service location.  The software also permits hail management companies the ability to track the estimate/repair status (with date/time stamp).  It also includes built in reporting and QuickBooks integration, all of which can be accessed from within the system with just a click of your mouse. 


This management system is connected with any available techs utilizing the PDR-Software estimating platform.  The hail management company can request a “Partnership”, and receive the tech response from inside their PDR-Hail Manager Software, eliminating the need to chase down potentially available technicians by phone.  This allows management companies to build a PDR tech network without any additional expense.  There’s also no need to turn techs on or off during off-season.  You can keep them connected all year without extra charges.     The powerful “one-two punch” provided by PDR Estimating Software and PDR-Hail Manager allows complete management of your network and assignments, from start to finish. 


We are excited about this program because we think it offers efficient solutions for hail management companies as they distribute work to PDR techs in the field.  Here are just a number of benefits that PDR-Hail Manager provides hail management companies.


Accessible- The web-based application of PDR-Hail Manager provides management companies with immediate access their management software and to the PDR techs they have in the field.  All of this data can be accessed from any location and on any device without any additional charge.  If a storm comes through and there’s a high demand for work, management companies simply access their program from any location and can immediately begin to assign work.  The tech receives those assignments and can immediately get to work.  Not only is the software more readily accessible, but now your PDR techs are as well. 


Efficient- A feature that makes PDR-Hail Manager stand out is its ability to set up and assign Service Locations.  Once a management company assigns PDR techs to certain jobs, the management company can set up a service location to send the PDR tech to go to work.  Together with PDR-Estimating Software, PDR techs and management companies can maintain communication via the Internet on specific jobs.


Easy-to-Use- PDR-Software offers free training on all of their products.  Hail management companies are given premium training and attention, with customer service reps always ready and willing to help.  In addition, our customer service comes unlimited and free-of-charge to PDR techs using PDR-Estimating Software.


PDR-Hail Manager provides hail management companies with much greater access to the technicians they have working on the jobs they assign.  This new product will create a seamless operation for management companies and will bring more work to PDR technicians.  Click here to receive a free demo on PDR-Hail Manager.