PDR-Software announced the launch of their new product, PDR-Hail Manager.  The new product is designed specifically for hail management companies who assign work to paintless dent repair technicians.  “This new product seeks to take advantage of Internet-based technology by offering hail management companies an easy and efficient way to connect with PDR techs in the field,” said Eric Seidel, President and CEO of Web-Est, PDR-Software’s primary product distributor.  “Hail management companies can now build an online network of PDR technicians by connecting with them through PDR-Hail Manager, easily assign work to them, track their progress, remain connected throughout the off season without an additional charge and seamlessly integrate their accounting with Quickbooks.  We think this product will create a more streamlined process for hail management companies and bring more work to PDR techs in the field.”  You can read the full release of PDR-Hail Manager by visiting their blog PDR Corner.