Dec 16, 2013 Oldsmar, Florida. PDR-Software announced today a new free version of its Paintless Dent Repair Software called “PDR-Software Community Version.”  The Free software has many of the same mobile estimating features found in the company’s Pro-Version.


PDR-Software Community is ideal for tablets and allows the user to write & print/email up to 100 estimates a month.  It includes complete access to the company’s unique PDR rate matrices data base for comparing what the user charges verses what the rest of the average user community is charging.  This feature insures the subscriber is competitive in the market-place.   Part pricing and R&I labor times are only available in the Pro-version.


The PDR-Software Community version also gives the user full access to PDR-Software’s newest feature called “Hail-Book”.  Hail-Book allows the user to create a business profile, including areas the tech is willing to travel to for storm coverage, and other skills and background information.  The profile can be made public to PDR-Software Hail Management Companies who are subscribers.  Both parties can send a “Partnership” request enabling the Hail Management Company to connect the user to its network of Technicians for future assignments at cat locations.  The connection enables techs to have electronic access to claims assignments, rate profiles and track commissions associated at that specific cat location. Live connections requires the Tech user to upgrade to the pro version, but not until they have received an assignment.


“Hail Book and the PDR-Software Community version give all PDR Techs the opportunity to use the latest technology in their business”, stated Eric Seidel, CEO of Web-Est.  “Hail Book is a new, cutting edge way for Techs to market their business without spending a dime.”


Click here to try our PDR-Software Community version or call  call Web-Est 1-(888) 932-3780.